Well… At least it\’s not blogger…..


This week, I have been in some training classes- Finally getting some Cisco training!

So anyway…  not much surfing going on because of it…  So if you miss me… just know I am furthuring my money making potential….


Tonight is that radio program that is reading one of my posts…  kinda cool!

And with that… my lunch is pretty much gone….  See ya'll soon! 

BTW-  Today is day 47 without smoking…   stepped down to step 3 of the nicotine patches….  2 more weeks and I'm through with those too….


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Blogger issues… Bored on a Tuesday….

I have no clue what Blogger has been up to… Their picture hosting seems to have gone nuts the last few days, and yesterday I had trouble even getting my page to come up…. I guess I can’t complain too much… It’s free, right?

So today I was trying to figure out something to post. I hate when I just sit on the same post for days at a time. Yeah… I like the last group of pictures, but I need something fresh…. But I hate posting just for the sake of posting. Where is the fun in that? So I decided to grab a few pics that I originally stuck on an anonymous blog I started and gave up on….

Speaking of giving up on blogs…. I had a great time when I started Diary of a Lesbian Guinea Pig… I have guinea pigs that for some reason have decided that girls are their thing. At first, it was so easy…. I had all kinds of ideas on things to post. The first series of posts was great fun… But then it hit bottom. I mean… how much can you post about creatures who sit in a cage and eat, poop and sleep 24/7…? I wish the creative juices had kept flowing for that one, and I keep hoping the spark will come back… but so far it just sits there… Waiting… Hoping I’ll come back and figure out how to keep it interesting… We’ll see if it ever happens…

Anyway… Enjoy these pictures…

I went outside to check the mail… When I came back in, I heard a semi-scream from my wife… “Get it, get it!” I’m like… “get what”? She says “the lizard that is over here terrorizing me!”

So I go and chase this little guy around… Carefully keeping my body between him and my dogs (who would love a snack)… I finally catch hime and take him outside…

He was so grateful, he posed for a bunch of pictures for me!

So tell me…. Would this scare you?

And just for grins…. Here’s a few passion flowers I gave my mom a few years ago… The vine looks great now!

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After the storm…..

Last week, we had some nice storms roll thru the area…. Her are a few shots I took after it finally quit raining. Enjoy!

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What are you people….. Nuts?

I logged into Blogmad earlier and saw this:

Wow… you people are crazy… that’s all I have to say about it…

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