Well… At least it\’s not blogger…..

I need help….

I would love to get my own domain and hosting…  I asked my mom for this for my birthday, but apparently I am not communicating the value of having your own space to her….

Her words "What crap"

So I would like to enlist all of you….

 List for me the advantages you see in having your own domain over having freebie blog space.  Let's see if we can convince her that it would be a great birthday present!


June 11, 2006 Posted by | community, pissed at blogger | 7 Comments

Well… what do you think?

Should I make this home for now?  Should I just say screw Blogger and start posting here?  I think i'll try this out for a few days…. not post over there… just post here… and see what I think.  I probably need to get used to wordpress anyways… so why not?  Ignore the fact that on the archives there are many instances of posts in there 3 times….  I don't know what happened with the import… it's kinda screwy….

Leave me comments…  What do you think? 

June 9, 2006 Posted by | pissed at blogger | 10 Comments

Testing testing…..

OK…  So this is WordPress…?  Yipeee….

 I'm not real happy about trying this…  I have gotten so used to Blogger, but with the recent problems they have been having, I figured it was time to branch out and see what is available.  This is one of my options.

It'd be nice if i could use my own template though.  I think that may be what keeps me form using this service.  i guess time will tell…..


June 8, 2006 Posted by | pissed at blogger, testing | 1 Comment