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Public Enemy #1

 Public Enemy #1

I don't know if this is everywhere, but this year seems to be the "Summer of the Mosquito".  We have them everywhere.  It doesn't seem to matter that it's not raining and there is no standing water….  I think these super-mosquitos have figured out how to breed in pools of sunlight.

The other day, I went out to light the bar-b-q.  In the process, I was almost carried away by the little winged devils until I got the thing smoking enough to pacify them for a bit.  Over the weekend was a different story….

I decided to mow on Saturday.  My yard had become some type of jungle and I got tired of using the machete just to figure out where the dogs were when they were out.  I feel that afterwards, I was a giant red bump- they would land in force and cover any area of exposed skin…   I'd swat, I'd curse, Id rub, I'd scratch… mosquitos were exploding all over me… which i think only calls more of them in… they smell the blood on the surface and come for miles to see what the fuss is about…

So after I finished mowing, I drug the bug spray out, hooked it to the hose and sprayed the front…  Great!  I had plenty for that and it actually seemed to help.  But I needed more spray if i would do the back…  no problem, off to Home Depot- I always like excuses to go to Home Depot!

Well…  Apparently i'm not the only guy with blood-sucker problems…  I joined a small group of folks comparing labels and telling horror stories in the chemical aisle… What was left of the chemical aisle at least.  I had to get some stuff to pour into the sprayer i just emptied…  no problem…  The checker told me that every single person all day long that came though his line had some type of mosquito control….  I'm amazed that there is a living creature within 100 miles of here with all the chemicals we must be spraying….

I get home, fill up the old sprayer, turn the hose on… and get a pathetic little dribble from the end…  must be jammed or something…  I screwed with it for a bit and got a half-spray…  I figured i messed up the sprayer somehow so I used it… did the whole backyard- getting eaten the whole time….  When I finished, I looked at the poison bottle… it was just as full as when I started.  Wonderful!  I disected it, and discovered a junebug had crawled in- no poison coming out at all….

I re-sprayed and figured that was that.

I think I must have gotten the wrong stuff.  yesterday, when i opened the back door to let the dogs out, a large black cloud arose from the ground about a foot from my back door…  they came in, they attacked me again… they tormented the dogs…  they blocked out my vision of daylight…

Where did they come from?  Why will they not just die?  Will I have to stay inside for the entire summer?  What happened to the trucks the city used to send out to spray?

If you see a mosqito where you are… please… do me a favor…

Kill it!

Smash it so that it can have no chance to breed!

If you don't… I'm sure somebody in it's lineage will figure out a way to move in right outside my back door… 





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