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OK… before I get started, Everybody run over and visit my new renter – Divine Calm…

Here’s a small bit of what I found on her page… For more, you’ll just have to go visit her…

I personally write about the wonderful things in life, because I frequently cannot see past the negative. Forcing myself to memoralize the good via a blog is an exercise to create a better sense of well-being.

Tell her guppy sent you!

OK… Now for Survivor…

At Casaya… There are a bunch of folks sitting around trying to figure out how to make fire… So Bruce decides to make a rock garden… Aras and Bruce get pissy with eachother about it… My personal opinion… how many people does it take to build a fire anyway? The rock garden thing was kinda dumb, but really… what else do these folks have to do to occupy their time?

Each tribe will designate a retriever to transport rice, beans and fish from a boat to the shore. The retriever must race out, retrieve one item and bring it back to shore, then toss the item to their tribemates, who will be lined up. The item will be tossed from one person to the next until it reaches the last person, who will toss it into the appropriate bin. Once the item is in the bin, the retriever must go out and get another item. The first two items will be a bag of rice and a bag of beans. Thereafter, the items will be fish. Once a fish gets to the end of the line, the last person must chop off its head and the tail before throwing the body into the bin. The first tribe to eight wins the Reward: the entire bounty of rice, beans and fish, while the losing tribe will be able to choose one bag of beans or one bag of rice to take back to camp.

It was fairly even until Bruce can’t figure out how to chop a fish head off. he whacks away at it over and over- Might as well have been using a baseball bat instead of a big ol cleaver… Finally Bobby takes over and his chopping skills save the day for Casaya- they win reward… and send Terry to exile island again.

When Casaya gets back to camp, they discover that the rain has given them a swamp where their camp used to be…. They decide to eat their fish raw because they can’t make a fire. Nothing like 100 pounds of sushi to get your day going… *Opinion time… They won a bathroom in the last episode… Hey guys… look at all that wood you have that would make a great roof! Build a roof over your fire and wood! I swear, these people are a bunch of idiots!

La Mina did get to choose a bag of either rice or beans after the challenge… They chose beans- OOPS! Austin and Nick both discovered that after two weeks of not eating much, it’s not a great idea to shovel beans down like you’ve never seen food before. Both pay dearly for it that night- from both ends. It’s pretty sad when the most exciting thing about a tribe is their stomach problems… This tribe is boring!

At Casaya, Bruce and Bobby decide to hang out in the outhouse with the last bottle of wine… Only to be discovered there by their tribe in the morning… Bobby had the line of the night when Courtney was bitching at him… Something like ” I feel bad that I drank their wine, but I’m glad I drank yours”

Each tribe must send three members to paddle out to collect skulls from four coffins sitting on the ocean floor. Each time a coffin is found, someone must dive under water, open the coffin and find a skull puzzle piece. They’ll then untie the puzzle piece and bring it back to the boat. Once all four skull puzzle pieces have been collected, they will return them to shore. The two remaining tribe members use those four puzzle pieces to build a skull pyramid. The first tribe to build their skull pyramid and place their gold skull on top wins Immunity.

La Mina dominates the water portion of this one… But struggles on puzzle solving. Just when it looks like Casaya may overtake them, La Mina pulls it off.

Casaya has fun figuring out who to vote out… It’s Bruce, Then it’s Bobby, then it’s Bruce, etc… Why couldn’t somebdy wise up and make it Courtney or Aras????

Best vote at TC since Season one… 3 for Bobby, 2 for Bruce, 1 for Courtney and 1 for Aras… I love this tribe! They are the most disfuncional bunch of idiots I have ever seen on this show! Let’s hope they have the majority at merge time… It’ll be great to see all the alliance hopping if they do.


March 3, 2006 - Posted by | Too Lazy To Catagorize


  1. I like your renter’s view on the world. I wish more folks followed a similar mantra. I can see why she’s renting from you: you’re just like that, too!

    Michele says hi. So do I…happy weekend!

    Comment by Carmi | March 3, 2006 | Reply

  2. I’m still waiting for Survivor: Skull Island.

    Comment by Armaedes | March 3, 2006 | Reply

  3. Excellent recap…..I agree with all you say. I think La Mina is BORING and I think Casaya keeps getting funnier and funnier…what a group?????

    Comment by Sherry | March 3, 2006 | Reply

  4. Oh Yea… I forgot I picked Bobby & he lost and now I guess I have pick someone else…Mr Detox?? Or maybe Courtney?? Just kidding. I have No Idea and that is with a capital NO IDEA????

    Comment by Sherry | March 3, 2006 | Reply

  5. I would have found a way to cook that damn fish. Idiots…I swear. The crazys do keep it interesting though – that is a good point 😉

    Comment by MommaK | March 3, 2006 | Reply

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