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Last night on Survivor….

Before we get too in to this… Make sure you visit my wife’s page and wish her a happy birthday!

First up- we see the teams- 4 tribes of four people… seperated by gender and age… (this thrilled the “older women”- they weren’t real happy to be classified that way)…

They all meet up on ‘Exile Island’, and Jeff explains that each week, somebody will be banished to live there “by themselves” (I guess the crew who will also be there don’t count).

Straight off the top, they go into their first reward challenge… Each tribe must pick one member to run across the island to a pile of skulls… smach open skulls until they find an amulet, and run back with their amulet. The first three tribes back get flint- the last tribe gets nothing AND has to leave somebody behind.

The young women lose and they play ‘rock paper scissors’ to figure out who to leave. Misty loses but gets some good news…. Hidden somewehere on the island is an individual immunity idol. (BTW- this idol comes with some new rules- you don’t have to say you have it until AFTER the votes are read… if you play it after your whole tribe votes for you, the person with the second highest votes goes home)

At the Golden Girls camp, we find out Tina is a Lumber Jill- she busts her ass making a shelter, made the fire, found the water, etc… while the others struggled to keep up. Cirie has apparently never stepped foot out of her house… she reveals her great fear of……. Leaves! OMG! She is scared of friggin leaves! How funny is that? She came on Survivor- a show where you spend a little over a month camping out, and you are scared of leaves?

Anyway- At the boys camp, we learn that the 4 younger men are the biggest idiots to ever play the game. They start off by playing a little rock baseball before they realize they need to get a camp set up. Aras pulls the guys together to try to meditate about getting fire- yeah… ok… I don’t think they ever got it to work. Then they throw some sticks against a tree and some leaves on it and call that shelter. Austin had the most observant comment that came from any of them: “We don’t have a clue what we are doing”.

The ‘Spice Girls’ weren’t much better than the young guys… They wandered around trying to find the best space to set up camp. And they wandered. And they wandered. Picture trying to arrange furniture… What about this corner… No wait… let’s try it over there… etc…. Then they found a dead turtle. Courtney decides that she needs to have some big ordeal with the turtle… she draws a heart around it- she places a shell as a headstone… she sends out notifications to it’s next of kin, etc…

The Old guys start a fire, build a shelter, add a game room and a smoking lounge onto it, and then Shane remembers he smokes three packs a day but forgot to bring any with him. So he should go nice and nuts in the next few days…

Meanwhile on Exile Island, we get treated to Misty digging up earthworms and eating them. That was pleasant. 🙂

Immunity challenge

Beginning on platforms in the ocean, the tribes must race over a wall, dive into the ocean and swim to their tribe raft. The last person over the wall dives down to unclip a rope, releasing the raft. The tribe then paddles the raft towards shore. Once the tribe latches their raft to the hitching post on shore, they race to solve a brainteaser puzzle, which releases a giant ring. The tribe has the option to dig down several feet and search to uncover an answer key to solve the puzzle. Once the ring is released, the tribe attaches it to a rope that they use to throw at a grappling hook to unfurl their tribe flag. The first three tribes to raise their flags win Immunity.

OK- That was a mouthful, so I copied it off of CBS’s website. I hope they make all the challenges this year that complicated!

We get treated to our first breast shot- unfortunately it is from Cirie. Ewwwwww….. Anyway The young girls hauled butt and won the thing… Then the old guys made it shortly after. The young guys struggled getting their raft unhooked and it looked like they might lose, but the Geezer Girls couldn’t figure out the puzzle. So the Ancients are heading to tribal Council.

I won’t even go into the camp stuff, but at Tribal Council I saw one of the DUMBEST first vote offs in the history of the game. The weak ladies voted off their workhorse. The one who knew how to handle the outdoors. the strongest one on the team that could have helped them win a time or two. They got rid of Tina. And they kept Cirie- and her fear of leaves to hold them back. I agree with what Tina said at the end… I hope they do terrible.

All in all- I like the new twists. It adds something new to the game that has become way too predictable. Let’s hope the season is as good as the opening show.


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  1. I recorded the show but didn’t get a chance to watch it yet! Maybe sometimes next week before the next episode comes on! lol

    Comment by Texas_Ivy10 | February 3, 2006 | Reply

  2. Nice recap! I’m going to link yours if you don’t mind.

    Off to visit PS 🙂

    Comment by MommaK | February 3, 2006 | Reply

  3. I didn’t watch. I’ll go visit Stormi and wish her a happy bday!

    Comment by puremood | February 3, 2006 | Reply

  4. WOW!! That was long, but very detailed….I am over here via MommaK’s site.
    I think this whole season is going to have some twists……the first one is the old chicks voting off Tina.
    Happy Birthday to your wife.
    PS I don’t have a blog.

    Comment by Sherry | February 3, 2006 | Reply

  5. Guppy,

    Please tell Stormii I said happy birthday for me. I am having troubles navigating the web tonite and her site wont open. Hope all is well.

    Comment by gigotti | February 3, 2006 | Reply

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