Well… At least it\’s not blogger…..

Help me tell the story…..

I’ve see this done before, but I was really curious… Where would people who visit me take a story? So I figured let’s give it a shot…

I will start a story, and you give us what happens next in the comments…

Johnny woke up full of excitement. He had waited his entire life for this day, and it was finally here! He jumped up, quickly got dressed and headed out the door to…


January 26, 2006 - Posted by | Too Lazy To Catagorize


  1. Go rob his first bank. He was really nervous, but yet excited. He had studied tons of movies with bank robbery scenes.

    (Hello Michele sent me!)

    Comment by Sarah | January 26, 2006 | Reply

  2. … have guards let him out and to have his ‘chat’ with the priest and then for his final meal; a pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s and a slice of homemade apple pie, before his execution, which was supposed to take place at 11:00AM EST.

    Comment by rockyjay | January 26, 2006 | Reply

  3. find that everything around him had disappeared. There was nothing….no houses, no trees, just empty land. Johnny wondered if it was a bad dream or….

    Comment by WriteWingNut | January 26, 2006 | Reply

  4. …or perhaps the pepperoni pizza from the night before. He closed his eyes and tapped his heels like Dorothy in Oz, While he tapped he said “there’s no place like……

    Comment by Star | January 26, 2006 | Reply

  5. …my bathroom.” But alas, the familiar scent of Toilet Duck was amiss in the cool morning air. All he could smell was…

    Comment by willgarcia | January 27, 2006 | Reply

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