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I spent my youth at concerts… Large outdoor stadium performances- small intimate clubs- parking lots- everything in between…. Live music was the thing that did it for me….

So I thought I’d give ya’ll a small sampling of some of my thoughts on some of the bands… Here’s the ones I actually remember seeing… There are quite a few that I know I went to, but can’t think of who was playing….


AC/DC – Put on a great show, even if I had to sit through Brian Johnson’s awful voice… Angus went out into the crowd and everything….

Alice Cooper – One of the best stage shows ever! Did you know he’s a born again Christian now?

Anthrax- Multiple times… All great shows and excellent pits.

Beach Boys – Yawn

Beastie Boys – Saw them a lallapalooza one year… Good time, but the only thing i really remember was jumping up and down and almost breaking some girls ankle… Sorry to whoever you are…

Black Crowes – Saw them twice- both for free. Camped out for free ticekts the first time… great time in line… great shows…

Black Sabbath – Tony Iommi’s crappy dream to keep that band going… I walked out they sucked so badly.

Bo Diddley – On a side stage at the rodeo one year, then again at mardi Gras… Bo can play.

C.O.C. – I think they opened for Slayer… pretty boring actually

Charlie Daniels – Play that fiddle! Charlie rocked!

Chicago – I almost fell asleep during this one… The Beach boys opened for them… it should have been the other way around.

Clint Black – Opened for Willie… had no clue who he was, and still have no clue… Yawn

D.R.I. – Great show… great pit… Had a blast!

Dangerous Toys – No memory, but I know I was there must have bored me

Dead horse – A local houston hardcore band… I saw them way too many times to count. I have some great memories from Dead horse shows…

Def Lepard – A girlfriend bought my ticket- I rode up with some friends- she rode up with another date??? I spent my evening with the guys with the thai sticks… Excellent laser show… I was too stoned to care at the time.

Eddie Money – Saw him at a Fourth of july concert one year…

Exhorder – had no clue who they were- had no clue what pit ball was… but somehow got a football in my hands in the middle of the pit. then I found the pit on top of me trying to get the ball…. Ouch!

Fight – Rob Halford found a band that really fit him… I liked Fight better than Priest.

Frank Black – Opened for The Ramones… Wish I showed up late…

Frehley’s Comet – Opened for somebody… Sucked royaly.

George Clinton – Another lollapallooza treat…

Glen Fry – Another 4th of July concert… Glen sucked, But When Joe Walsh walked out… it was worth it.

Great White – Good show, but I don’t remember too much of it

Hank Williams Jr. – Saw hank a few times at the rodeo…

Heart – Saw at Astroworld… Some girl bought my ticket- I was young and clueless and ended up picking up her friend…. oops….

Iron Maiden – They blew up Eddie at the end of that one…. Those guys ran non stop from the time they hit the stage… Great show.

Joe Walsh – See Glen Fry…

Johnny Winter – Spent the evening puking my guts out… missed most of the show…

Judas Priest – 5 bands- Not bad, but not too great either…

L7 – I think I saw them at the Warped Tour… Strange crowd, but free tickets..

Lynard Skynard – Another rodeo concert… Glad I got to see em…

Megadeth – Good show… The line to get in was the most entertaining though… we had a huge party in the parking lot…

Metal Church – A great band to walk the halls during….

Metallica – Opened for Ozzy (Master of Puppets) – I didn’t know who they were when i walked in…. I left a Metallica fan (and i stayed one until Cliff died shortly after)

Morbid Angel – Kinda funny… singer looked like he should be in a hair band, but had one hell of a growl… Good show…

Morbid Scream – Broke my nose during their set… The singer actually came out to check on me after… got a free tape… Jumped back in the pit during the next band….

Motorhead – Saw them twice… The first time was in an arena with horrible sound- The second was in a club with huge sound… made it on stage and shook Lemmy’s hand.

Motley Crue – Decent show… My “date” had another date- her girlfriend… I had no clue before hand- kinda strange experience… (and no… it didn’t go there)

Ozzy – Saw Ozzy like 7 times… some really good,,, some really awful.

Page & Plant – I always wanted to see Zeppelin- saw the next best thing I guess… Great show- they still jammed!

Prince – My first actual concert… My mother took me…

Ramones – I had a blast at this one…right up until I dove from the stage and had the bouncer slamed my foot into the guard rail….

Retarded Elf – Another band I saw too many times to count… Local band out of Austin… Great fun…

Rigormortis – Were a great band… I saw them after the fact… they had a different singer… they kinda sucked….

Sheila E. – Opened for prince… what can i say?

Slayer – Intense pit!

Steppenwolf – Another 4th of july show… Way too hot, but a lot of fun…

Steve Miller – Killer laser show at the rodeo…

Ted Nugent – Odd evening…. I won tickets and then drove 2 hours by myself through a tropical storm to get there…. Had a radio DJ chick chewing on my ear and scaring the crap out of me….

Tesla – Opened for Def Lepard… Good stuff

Uncle Slam – Opened for DRI… Good pit

Veruca Salt – Good chick band…

Warrant – Opener for somebody… time to walk the halls

White Lion – Same as Warrant

White Zombie – Saw em a few times… Good painful pit….

Willie Nelson – Worst rodeo performance ever… He seemed like he was there for the paycheck and nothing else….

ZZ Top – Twice at the rodeo… neither time impressed me….


January 10, 2006 - Posted by | Too Lazy To Catagorize


  1. the new look is great!

    Comment by jessica | January 10, 2006 | Reply

  2. Interesting list 🙂
    Yep – knew that about Alice Cooper – he lives in the Metro Phoenix area, very involved in the community.

    Comment by eph2810 | January 10, 2006 | Reply

  3. Man You have been to a ton of concerts. I only got to a few in my life.

    No excuse because I grew up in NYC and there are always concerts.

    Your list is impressive. I enjoy Springsteen in concert, especially in New Jersey.

    Comment by TheMadAdmin | January 10, 2006 | Reply

  4. I really want to see Ozzy sometime. I just discovered his music about 2 years ago thru a friend of mine. The friend is an Ozzy addict. I saw George Clinton in college. Interesting act.

    Comment by War Eagle | January 10, 2006 | Reply

  5. I totally loved hittin’ up a Metallica concert!

    Comment by puremood | January 10, 2006 | Reply

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