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We start off with Cindy bitching about not being priviledged to the Judd vote out info….

Then we move into girl’s time… the five remaining girls sit around being dorks….

Reward Challenge… Play a bunch of stuff you already played to win a car… Cindy wins and gets given a choice. She can keep the car she just won, or give it up so the other four get cars. Cindy did what I thought was the only logical choice, she kept the car.

She picked Steph to go with her to eat steak and stay the night away from camp.

Rafe and Danni sat around camp amazed that Cindy kept the car for herself. At least lydia was thinking… She thought Cindy made the right choice. Back at camp, Steph also said she would have kept the car too.

Immunity challenge- Attached to a long rope wrapped around a series of poles and connected with locks, each player must unwind as much rope as possible. The twist: each player’s hands and feet were bound in metal shackles.

Bondage! Woohoo! Here we go…. that’s what we want to see!

oops… uhhhhh… forget all that….

Steph got herself unlocked and untied first to win her first individual immunity ever…

Danni and Rafe want to get Cindy voted out… Cindy plotted to get Rafe eliminated… Danni slid under the radar again…

But unfortunately, Cindy got the boot in the end…

They better wise up and get rid of Rafe soon… He can win this thing much easier than the rest… I don’t think he’s pissed everybody off quite as much as the rest.

Sunday is the finale…


December 9, 2005 - Posted by | Too Lazy To Catagorize


  1. If they don’t vote off Lydia first on Sunday, she is going to win it all. And if that happens I am never watching the show again. She is the only one of the final 4 that doesn’t belong there.

    Comment by War Eagle | December 9, 2005 | Reply

  2. Lydia totally deserves to be there!! She works hard at camp, works her butt off at challenges…even if she sucks at all of them..and well, I just think she should be there.
    Steph needs to GO!! GO!! GO!!!
    Good riddance, Cindy!!
    Danni and Rafe should be the final two.
    Give Steph the BOOT!!

    Have I mentioned that Steph needs to go? Well, she does! 😀

    Comment by Angie | December 9, 2005 | Reply

  3. I would have totally given the cars away. I agreed with Rafe & Danni. To me there would not have been another choice.

    I reallllllyyyy want to see Steph & Lydia go home. If Steph wins I will puke. Blah!

    Love your holiday design:)

    Comment by MommaK | December 10, 2005 | Reply

  4. Can’t wait for the final. I sure do hope they get rid of Rafe!

    Comment by Beanhead | December 10, 2005 | Reply

  5. Giving away the four cars is buying your way to the final two without earning it. I think she did the right thing and she still came out a winner in the end. Cindy turned out to be a very smart player, her decision cost her the game, but she still has her dignity!

    Comment by Jetting Through Life | December 10, 2005 | Reply

  6. I was glad Danni won. I would have been okay with her, Stepg, or Rafe winning.

    Comment by Heather | December 11, 2005 | Reply

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