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We start out with Judd, man… talking about Margret, man… He hopes he’ll be laughing his ass to the bank, man, and she’ll be home making chicken wings, man….

(I saw someone post on a message board that there should be a Judd drinking game… every time he says man… you drink! Try it and see if you can stay upright thru an entire episode.)

Yaxha is all banged up… Everybody’s shoulders look like they have some serious road rash. Nothing like open wounds in the jungle with all those bugs…. I can just imagine what will lay eggs in there…..

The reward challenge….
One by one, the Survivors must spool fabric from a pole onto their bodies. At each pole, another person will join them as they also wrap up in the fabric. The first team to wrap up and then unwind and cross the finish line will win.

The winners get a ride through the canopy on a zip line, and then get chocolate….

Had Nakum been in the right order, this challenge could have been hot…. Steph started out but then Lydia killed it all!

Damn you little leprecaun! Ya’ll should have taken Cidy as the second person! Anyway… Lydia did cop a feel of Cindy during this…

Yaxha proved that the guys were more comfortable hugging up to eachother than the women… they moved with precision grinding together as they spooned… errr…. spooled up and then unwound…. Nakum fell on their ass. So Yaxha wins reward!

Amy was scared to death on the zip line… but she did it anyway… the rest of them just cruised through…. (I would love to get a chance to do that… looked like a blast!)

After the ride, they had a chocolate feast… Candy, cake, cookies, strawberries, more more more….! They pigged out and gave me brief hope that we would be treated to an everybody gets sick in camp scene… But it was not to be….

Yaxha decided (yeah… the producers had nothing to do with it) to invite Nakum over for a pool party and chocolate to celebrate Danni’s birthday…. They all went, though Jamie was a bit reluctant… Steph said that if they wanted to give them chocolate and let em swim in their pool… Hell yeah… she’s all over that! We got treated to Judd in his tighty-whiteys… Then I got to see that sick scene I wanted… only it was me here at home….

Amy and Gary were talking about what happens if they don’t win immunity…. She told Gary that if she finds out he played football… she’ll hunt him down on the Internet… Gary was saying she’ll never find him because there’s no such thing as a Gary Hawkins in Grand Haven…. Ummmm.. Gary…. Everybody knows your last name is Hogeboom… do you really think she couldn’t find out?

Immunity Challenge….
three people from each tribe must retrieve giant puzzle pieces from a sand pit. The object: to assemble the pieces to form a giant Maya calendar.

Nakum kicked Yaxha’s ass on this one….

At tribal council…. Amy tried real hard to get them to vote Bobby-Jon out, but she just couldn’t pull off the votes…. Amy, the tribe has spoken… you have been voted out of the jungle.

After the vote… Jeff informed them that they weren’t going back to their camp… They needed to go to Nakum and they were now one tribe.

One thing I forgot to mention… at one point, Bobby-Jon was in the pool… he had little fish trying to eat the flap of torm skin on his shoulder… and he was trying to catch the little fish in his mouth. This was the absolutely funniest part of this season for me… I had to rewind it and watch it over and over… classic stuff….


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  1. Great recap baby …Who needs to actually watch it with recaps like that …lol

    Comment by PresentStorm | October 28, 2005 | Reply

  2. Stephenie was so mean to Lydia during that first challenge!! I’m not in her cheering section anymore. Great recap:)

    Comment by MommaK | October 28, 2005 | Reply

  3. Just blowing on by to say hi and where do you keep the Oreos ?

    Comment by WendyWings | October 29, 2005 | Reply

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