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October 20, 2005 - Posted by | Too Lazy To Catagorize


  1. Astros baby Astros! Love the picture.

    Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green

    Comment by Scooter | October 20, 2005 | Reply

  2. Oh yeah, this is priceless!

    Remember the 1st game — the one we lost — when afterwards they talked only about how the Cards paid attention to details and did everything right and “nobody else does this.”

    It’s just what Rudy Tomlavovich said all those years ago:

    “Never underestimate the heart of a champion.”

    GO ‘STROS!!!!

    Comment by Mitey Mite | October 20, 2005 | Reply

  3. Well, We showed those cards didn’t we? AWESOME! Roy O. was right on his game and we had sparkling defensive plays and good offense. The Cards almost looked like they wanted to give us that game with wild pitches and some sloppy playing. It’s totally awesome to see Puhols strike out. NO more heroics from him… What a team we have this year. The young guys are really coming thru. GO ASTROS!

    Comment by Lucy Stern | October 20, 2005 | Reply

  4. I’m not really a sportsy person but i wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by 🙂

    Comment by FattyPants | October 21, 2005 | Reply

  5. Love it! Great picture!

    Comment by Texas_Ivy10 | October 21, 2005 | Reply

  6. Go Astros!Go Astros!Go Astros!Go Astros!

    Comment by TexasT's | October 22, 2005 | Reply

  7. ha ha ha…smart ass…AH, there’s always next year!

    Comment by Gina | October 25, 2005 | Reply

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