Well… At least it\’s not blogger…..

Hurricane Katrina

Where to begin….

I thought about posting some of the pictures of damage from Hurricane Katrina….

I thought about talking about how New Orleans is now flooding due to the levee breaks…

I thought about talking about the oil rigs that were in the path of the storm…

I though about talking about the people who lost their lives…

But really- all I want to say about it is to take a moment and ask God to help the people who were/are being affected. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted by this storm. The news reports we are seeing are horrifying… God bless you all.


August 30, 2005 - Posted by | Too Lazy To Catagorize


  1. It’s just too terrible to even watch anymore. But on a lighter note, Bourbon St has been untouched so far. Phew….

    Comment by Patsy Darling | August 30, 2005 | Reply

  2. i’ve watched some of the coverage on cnn, it’s hard to believe that city is under water and now they’re talking about snakes and crocidiles.

    Comment by Better Safe Than Sorry | August 30, 2005 | Reply

  3. amen, guppy, amen.

    Comment by -xtessa- | August 31, 2005 | Reply

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