Well… At least it\’s not blogger…..

Here it is!

Am I good to you people or what? I know everybody has been waiting for the day….

Well… It’s finally arrived!!!!!!

Now you can



June 23, 2005 - Posted by | Too Lazy To Catagorize


  1. I will have to get this for my youngin. He loves paper airplanes!!

    Thanks Guppy!

    Comment by phoenix | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  2. btw… blogrolled you 🙂 Meant to before this and I let it slip by me!

    Comment by phoenix | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  3. WHOO HOO!!! Took long enough! hahahaha That loser dude from American Idol that worships David Hasselholf is probably peeing in his pants over this.. hahahahaha ;)~

    Comment by Texas_Ivy10 | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  4. Hello, Michelle sent me.
    I hope you’re having better luck with the non-smoking than the airplane.

    Comment by Courtney | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  5. Hello – Here via comments at Michele’s 🙂 I certainly don’t care about the paper plane *LOL* that’s tooo much. I did read your smoking habit pot -good luck and becoming a nonsmoker at work! 🙂

    Comment by PureMood | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  6. Michele sent me. And of course, I can’t make a paper airplane, I’m working. Can’t you tell?!?

    Comment by lisa | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  7. You have saved what was otherwise a bad day. Thank you, Guppyman. You are my hero. Well, after David Hasselhoff of course.

    Comment by Bridget Unnel | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  8. THANK THE LORD! I have been holding my breath for this! I’ll be outside if you need me…

    Comment by Garnet | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  9. Thanks, Gup! This is just what I have been looking for! Now if only I didn’t waste my money on a new purse, I could spend it on paper so I could make a million paper airplanes of the hottest man alive, David Hasselhoff! (I hope you caught the sarcasm there).

    Comment by TrueJerseyGirl | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  10. OMG Gup! This is THE BEST! I’m going to print him up and bring him into the studio tomorrow for a laugh! Thanks for the link!

    Comment by Last Girl On Earth | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  11. thank god i checked in with you tonight, cuz i almost missed it

    Comment by janie q | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  12. Oh yeah I gotta get me one of those!

    Comment by Beanhead | June 23, 2005 | Reply

  13. Aw, but I didn’t get you anything! 🙂

    Comment by Twist of Kate | June 24, 2005 | Reply

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! My life was incomplete before I came here, I can die a happy woman…


    Comment by Angie | June 24, 2005 | Reply

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