Well… At least it\’s not blogger…..

Battle of the blogs

OK… So I have been doing the Battle of the Blogs over at Blog Explosion and I have realized something….

My site must suck or something.

I have lost 70 friggin times!

I’ve only won like 45 times….



June 8, 2005 - Posted by | Too Lazy To Catagorize


  1. Actually I like your site…content good.

    Comment by Anonymous | June 8, 2005 | Reply

  2. It’s fun though, right? =D

    (your blog doesn’t suck however)

    Comment by Ghost Writer | June 8, 2005 | Reply

  3. I would have voted for you each and every time! I don’t even bother with the Battle anymore, I do Blog Rocket, it’s free. πŸ™‚

    Comment by Indigo | June 8, 2005 | Reply

  4. Howdy, I have never tried the Battle…just don’t have the time. I hear it may be a busy storm season here in the houston are.

    Comment by Fred | June 8, 2005 | Reply

  5. well i love your page, i visit all the time. i have no idea what this blog explosion thing is and now i’m afraid to check it out, if you think you’re site sucks, they’ll probably kick me off as soon as they see mine.

    Comment by janie q | June 9, 2005 | Reply

  6. don’t take it personally… some of them doesn’t even bother to read your posts. some judge it by how it looks, or how fast your site loads…

    i said some. not all! i’d vote for you, guppy! i always vote for my friends!

    Comment by -xtessa- | June 9, 2005 | Reply

  7. I don’t take it personally… I know that you don’t have time to read anything if you actually want to vote…

    I just felt like ranting.

    Comment by Guppyman | June 9, 2005 | Reply

  8. Well, you know, your blog does kinda suck.

    NOOOOOOO… just teasin’ ya.

    Comment by Bridget Unnel | June 9, 2005 | Reply

  9. That’s it… I am declaring war on Bridget Unnel!


    Comment by Guppyman | June 9, 2005 | Reply

  10. Hee hee hee — watch it or I will send my sweaty bagel boys after you!

    All kidding aside, I love your blog. It’s a “must visit” site for me every morning!

    Comment by Bridget Unnel | June 9, 2005 | Reply

  11. See, that is why I am thinking of quitting with 1 win, 0 losses. I go out a winner. I have heard that people set it up though, so all their friends are online and voting for them and the other person doesn’t even have a chance. I am SURE that’s what has happened to you!

    Comment by TrueJerseyGirl | June 9, 2005 | Reply

  12. I really enjoy your blog, now that I’ve found it through your participation on BOTB and Michele Agnew’s wonderful site, but agree with Xtessa – some folks do rate on looks and not quality…

    Comment by Cin | June 9, 2005 | Reply

  13. No, it seems that you can’t win in the BotB unless you spend at least 15 hours a day doing it. Every time I check in on that site, it doesn’t matter if it’s 8am or 7pm or midnight, most of them will be the same blogs. And if you check their sites, they have all the other usual battlers listed on their blogrolls, so they obviously all vote for each other. And i see people talking in that shoutbox all the time, so I guess if you make buddies it’s easier to win. I saw someone in there earlier practically begging people to go vote for him. Luckily, it wasn’t the guy I was up against! I still lost anyway. I’ve got a 7-7 record. I don’t do it that often and don’t really view it as a competition. I just look at it as a way to earn extra credits. Obviously the regular battlers have more credits than they know what to do with.

    There are a few exceptions – some that have really fabulous template designs or hilarious content (Bonanza Jellybean is one that pops into mind) – that don’t have to be ‘in’ with the battling crowd to win.

    Oh, and I’m fairly certain I’ve voted for you a few times.

    Comment by BeckEye | September 25, 2005 | Reply

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