Well… At least it\’s not blogger…..

It’s Official- I moved again!

I have a new domain!   Yay!  So I have officially moved in over there….  



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Hey folks!

Look ahead…. This blog may soon not exist!

Last night, my wonderful mom came by and got me my own domain! Yay!

So now, I am busy working working working on trying to figure out how to use all the cool bells and whistles that came with it…. So… while it may look like I'm ignoring my blog and all that, I'm actuall behind the scenes making my new one worthwhile….

Keep coming back… I'll post a link when it is worthy of human consumption.

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This week, I have been in some training classes- Finally getting some Cisco training!

So anyway…  not much surfing going on because of it…  So if you miss me… just know I am furthuring my money making potential….


Tonight is that radio program that is reading one of my posts…  kinda cool!

And with that… my lunch is pretty much gone….  See ya'll soon! 

BTW-  Today is day 47 without smoking…   stepped down to step 3 of the nicotine patches….  2 more weeks and I'm through with those too….

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Wordless Wednesday

fallen glory

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Just a quicky…

Hey folks… I'll be in a training class all week, so not much time for the blog….

BUT- Check this out… Seems somebody decided to read an entry of mine on a radio show (I'm listed as a man who kills lizards- for the record, the lizard lived)…

The other thing that you could go check out today… and this one is far more important… My mom decided to let ya'll vote on if she should get me a domain for my birthday… So help me out and go tell her Hell yeah!

Anyway… I gotta get out of here… Hopefully this week will fly by… gotta go to the other side of BFE every day for training classes- but… more Cisco knowledge is always a good thing, right? Take care… and see ya when I can.

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